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HATE and FEAR is what makes the finger, pull the trigger of the gun, that kills innocent children
It is amazing to me that that yet again whenever some lunatic kills someone. Some other Lunatic does a McCarthy and wants to remove even more of our freedom to defend our selfs. What is even scarey is her last name is McCarthy.

For those of you who dont know who McCarthy was, then you need to bone up on your history. The McCarthy years were some of the coldest and most blood thirsty years this country ever saw.

Because of the then Senator Joe McCarthy many innocent men and women were killed.All for speaking out against what the governement was doing.

Now one of his grandchildren children has been made a Senator. And she wants to pass gun legislation that wont stop criminals, but will make it a lot harder for the average citizen to protect themselves.

I would venture to add this. If several people in the crowd on the corner where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had guns for self-defence The lunatic who shoot her would not have killed as many people, that day.

The sheriff of her district, is already blaming the fact that people can buy guns in Arizona on the crime

The reality is Cops dont like citizens to have guns period. If they had it their way, no one but them or soldiers would carry guns.

But take a look through out history at what happens when the government has all the weapons and the citizens have none.

The Governement starts abusing their power. Because they know the citizens can’t do anything about it.

This is why our forefathers when they created the bill of rights made it so Citizens had the right to carry guns. They did it to so that we could protect ourselves from Tyranny and those who abuse their power.

If a Lunatic truly means to commit murder. Taking away their right to carry a gun is not going to slow them down one bit.

All it is going to do is make it, so we cannot defend ourselves, when people start shooting.

Making more gun laws does nothing to stop criminals. Because criminals operate outside the law and always find ways around it. The criminal will still have guns and will still easily get them.

While citizens who obey the law have to wait 15 days to get a gun to protect themselves, Criminals simply buy it from the blackmarket, where there is no waiting period.

If there were no guns, there still be knifes and swords. Someone who is proficent with either. Can mow down six people quicker, then a person with a gun.

If you read history the one thing the english soldiers hated most about samarais was the fact a Samarai could cut a soldier to pieces and they did not even know they were cut till a body part fell off or their legs stopped. working right.

There are even recorded accounts of british solders whose necks were cut of so quickly and cleanly that, they did not know their heads were no longer connected to their bodies. until they tried to move or talk.

The Katanas{Samarai Sword} blades were so sharp that the soldiers never even knew they were cut, because they felt no pain. .

Taking away guns is not going to stop crazy people from killing. All it is going to do is make it easier for them to kill us when we have nothing to defend our selfs.

Remember if the rumor is true the Lizzie Bordens only ha axes, and butcher knifes, An did you ever see Micheal or jason using a gun, in thei. Well Mike and Jason was based off a very real people..

Hatred and fear were killing people long before the invention of guns. Long before guns men used whatever what at hand to slaughter innocents, Stones, clubs, their hands.

If the bible is true, then fear was used to kill Abel with a shovel long before there was guns.

Cain feared that God did not love him, So he killed his own brother out of fear of not being loved.

It was hatred that made the crusades happen. Hatred for the muslim beliefs caused christians to murder thousands in the name of their God.

They didnt have guns or bombs, all they had was Swords, spears and pikes. As llong as you have hatred and fear you have the nessary weapons to kill and murder innocents.

Once these McCarthys have taken away our guns they will then take away our Knifes, then Our forks, then our bats, and then our strings, and when is all is said and done. The minority will rule us and we will never stop being slaves.

Making guns illegal is Not only going to make it easier for criminals and terrorist to terrorize us more. All it is going to do is make it so we cannot defend ourselves Against a increasingly corrupt Government.

If you want to stop the crazies. Then you have to stop what is feeding their craziness. You have to stop their leaders on Fox news, from spreading the lies and rethoric, and Hatred. You have to stop letting People like Sarah Palin, Oreilly, Rush and Glen Beck from encouraging the craziness from their constant speeches that encourage the fear and hate mongering.

We need to make it so the all the corporate owed media stops telling us what they want us to hear and go back to new that really was non bipartisan. I dont want to hear their opinions. I just want the news straight and forwar.

I do think it is right to censor the news, but at the same it does need to be held up to the high standerds it was, before The Corporate media got greedy, and starting doing news for profit.

Taking away guns is not going to stop the murdering, all it is going to do is make it worse. For those of us who have no one to depend on but ourselves.

Well Well

     Almost a week ago, I found out who my real friends are. I found out over the past few weeks, just who actually gives a damn about me and my Girls well being.

     My friend Mel who gave me a really cool Lavalamp today is one. Over the past few months whenever I needed help, she was and is there for me. That even goes for her husband and her roommate as well.   When I needed help with food for my girls or cat litter they gave me some. When I was hungary they fed me. They have never once complained or reminded me how much they do for me an others. I love them dearly for it.
Then this afternoon Mel knocked on my door and invited me over for a delicous christmas dinner.

     When I woke this morning I felt horrible and alone. Scruffs did her best to get my mind off my feeling sorry for myself. But Mel and her family helped make Christmas special. I also ate smoked turkey for the first time and loved it. As Did Priss and Tim. Scruffs yet again sniffed it, then tried to bury it LOL< She is such a strange girl. I am wondering if she was a spoiled princess in a earlier life.

    My Friend Christina Showed up a few days ago and gave me Shampoo and toileterys, stuff I needed badly. Of course she reminded me how much she gives, then she drove me to an appointment.  All the  while reminding me how much gas she was spending. I smiled and thanked her.And wehen I did so I did so with a real thankfulness flowing through me.  These words came from deep inside.  I didnt get mad or complain, that I had heard her say the same thingover and over.  Simply because she just is the type that loves to complain.   She needs it like a boxer needs his punching bag to work all his kinks out. 

     It is her way of keeping everything and everyone at a safe distance. Because she is afraid I will forget her, Like so many have done, and just use her and toss her away. She has had it happen, so many times that, she thinks everyone wants to use her.
     But she has known me for 5 years now. She knows I will do the same for her, in some future time and that I am always good for it. She is a damn good friend.
Though She did say she thinks she is my only friend who does things for me and I smiled to myself  again, because we have had this conversation manytimes before.
     But She does forget sometimes the things I say. So I reminded her of my friends Deena and Mel who always help.

She then asked, “well why cant they drive you around like I do, their such good friends?”

To which I replied, “They cant. Mels car broke down, her truck wont start and her Cars transmission is not working. Deena has no tag or a plate yet. Because like me she dont have any cash because we cant find a damn job.”

This silenced her for a bit. Then She said, “Well what about all your other so called friends?”

I laughed, I then said. “Well gee, they all work late nights. So their sleeping. I cant ask Beth because she just had her baby. I cant ask my other friends ecause like me, they dont have a car.  Besides unlike them, you I have known long enough to ask for help. So quite frankly. They dont know about my troubles.  And I wont tell them because I dont feel comfortable enough to do so.”

     Again she went silent and we talked about other things.  In the past few weeks shes been here for me.  When I first lost my job she loaned me 75 dollars and then some to by food, She brings toilet paper everytime she comes to visit.  For all her complaing and whining in the end she is a true and loyal friend.

    She even brought me a pill for Scruffs who somehow got tapeworm again. Dont worry she is fine now, Thanks to Christina.  BTW thanks to her I also know that Scruffs is actuall heavier then both Priss and Tim. I was surprised, because Priss is so much fatter. Christina laughed and said Fat is always lighter then muscles.  So this means Scruffs has more muscle then either Tim or Priss. LOL

     Then theres Deena. A true and dear friend. She has fed me when she found out I had no food. Even though like me she doesnt have a job. She has helped me by listening to my worries. We sit an drink a beer, that her roommate buys on occassion and watch movies together when we dont want to be alone.  She is an angel as are both my above mentioned friends.

    My only other friends that are real and true and the ones on my other site,  the ones who never fail to notice when I post things.  The ones who always have a kind word to say. I love them dearly as well.

     But I will also admit my friends on certain social networks disapointed me this week, most are excoworkers and some are relatives.  So about them I want to say this. But first dear reader if you have not fallen asleep, I do applaud you. :Clap:  Thank you. You only have to bear a little more.   Hopefully

      But to those so called Friends and Family Members on my so called social networks. I am very very disappointed with.  Because several weeks ago I posted on my social site my want list on Sharabill.

     Now for those who dont know Sharabill is an amazing and very handy device. It is very much like a wedding registory.

     On it you post the things you would most like to get for christmas. Then your friends and family are alerted to yor wishes on whatever Social network you share. They are given the option of either contributing to a gifts overall cost or buying it for you.  Even you yourself can make payments toward the things you want. So it is like a layaway and gift registory all wrapped into one.

     The really cool thing is theres no limit to how much time you want to pay for the items. So they can place a dollar or whatever amount they can afford and help you get the items you need or want most.

     But the reason I am so hurt is because not a single one of those so called friends contributed 1 single simple cent to my want list.  Hell I would have been happy if they gave a dollar.

     Now I will admit a few did send me cards, and I loved those cards. Five people sent me cards and hugs, And of those 5, 2 are family. And 3 I know from here. To them I am very thankful.

     But I have 60 friends on these damn social networks.  Friends I know from past jobs and friends I know from life. People who know my troubles and said how much they cared about me. People who said if I ever needed anythng they would be there for me.

     It hurts that they forgot about me or just didnt care enough to remember. And some of these 60 are also family. Distant family but still family, those ones hurt most. No electronic cards no hugs, nothing.

     And just so you know, on Christmas Eve  I sat here for 2 hours sending them all hugs and cards via the social network applications. I sent some really nices ones too. I got six thank yous.  SIX!!! out of sixty!

How truly sad that is. So next year I will do it all over again and will see what happens.

     But of all of this, This day from this moment on I cherish Deena Mel and Family and Christina even evermore.

     And My girls too. Thank you Priss for your warmth as I sit here typing you keep me warm, by laying beside me

     Thank you Beautiful Timeous, For sitting on my chest and just being there trying to let me know how much your here for me and love me, whenever I am sad or angry.

     Thank you sweet adorable Scruffy, for being so sweet and confusing.  One minute you dont want to be near me.  Then you get upset, when I dont come find you. You always make sure to lay beside me all night when I sleep, You even choose to share your big queen size bed with me and Tim.

     A bed that use to be mine. Your always there when I am showering or sitting alone in the bedroom. You always make sure to let me know your there guarding me while Pris or Tim are busey napping.

     To you true friends I wish a real happy New Year, And to those So called friends I wish you the same. But I am watching you and if you dont change you ways soon, then this bye bye will be more permanent.

     Because I refuse to burden my social site with the names and blogs of people who like to be pretend friends. I prefer that only true friends burn up the space I share with them.

This a letter I just sent to the Sun herald, Wall Street journal and The New York times, Because I am member of the ACLU and they asked me to tell these papers how I feel about what is occuring there.

One of our most important freedoms is our freedom to worship not only God, but also whatever God or goddess we choose. No where in the constitution does it say this right of religious freedom only applies to Christians or even those who worship God like the Hebrews.

This Freedom and right was started because of King George who felt he had the right to say that Citizens had to be catholic. The Puritans and Protestants like my Great Grand Fathers 10 times removed did not have a right to worship God they way they choose. So many people were hunted and killed, simple because they choose not be catholic.

Our founding fathers saw the damage that was done by allowing the government to dictate how we should worship.

These great men were experts on history and had seen what the results were when governments were allowed to dictate worship A good example for America would be the Salem witch burnings, and the many American Indians who were slaughtered. Because the Christians of that era believed they Satans own children, simply because their skin was red.

In America this should have stopped centuries ago, but again The So called Christians of this country are forcing their views down our throats.

These so called followers of Christ are fighting for Something I dare say Christ himself would be ashamed of. They want Islamic People to lose their rights to worship as they choose. When in fact the Islamic people worship the very same God they do.  Again I dare say that when it comes to worship and how they views are very similar to how some Christian view God, they have many of the same rules and views on religion that Christians do.

We need to stop this malarkey, in its tracks. If these so-called Christians win by stopping the community center {Notice how I did not say Mosque} from being built. Then where will they start next. Will they stop Catholics from building a church 2 blocks away, because after all how  many people were killed by catholic zealots.. Will they stop the Mormons from building a church as well, after all they used to believe you should have the right to marry as many people as you choose. ,Or how about the Amish? Will we destroy their temples of worship too. After all they do not  like to use electricity and they look weird. Oh lets stop the Baptist from building a church too. After all haven’t a few of their members bombed abortion clinics? While we are at it lets stop the jews from building any more centers because after all weren’t they among the groups who killed Christ?

When will America truly become the land of the free? Until we start practicing the democracy we preach, we do not have the right to call ourselves the free-est Nation on Earth. We no longer have the right to say we are the best example of democracy.   When we allow the rantings of Religious zealots to dictate how we as Americans worship. All this bickering over a Community center blocks down the road from Wtc, just proves it. If they win then that will prove that we are a nation ruled by Fanatical Christians who are just as bad as the terrorist they claim to hate.

I disagree with your statement that a large majority of Americans just don’t care anymore. I ask you sir to please remember that there is still large majority out there. Who are not plugged into the grid. They refuse to get trapped by the internet.

Only something like 40 million people actually own computers of some type of computer and An even smaller number of people actually own TVs or celphones.
I live in a state where a good majority do not own these devices. In my own apt complex I would say half don’t.
I have ran across a large majority of people who hate the death of the 4th Amendment. But I will admit a majority of these people who don’t own these devices would, If they could afford the devices would get them. And some of these people I again admit say, “well if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.”

The thing I believe that started this fall, This death of the fourth was Cop shows. Like Beratta and Starsky and Hutch. Where rogue cops would catch the criminals. Because they broke the laws that according to them were only protecting the guilty.
Remember Why Dirty Harry was called Dirty Harry? It was because he broke the laws to get justice done.

Even my favorite tv shows still do this. Castle aired a few shows where the characters illegally entered homes to search for the criminals. In very few of these shows did the cops make a mistake.
Through these shows our kids and new generations are being taught the good guys always respect the privacy of good law abiding citizens and only bust you when you’ve done wrongs. and only if they could get the evidence to show it.
Even then in some cases the shows cops will not let you be convicted. All because they were allowed to break the law. To get their jobs done.
These shows taught some and are still teaching that the privacy laws only protect the guilty. This all started long before the Patriot Act was born in Florida.

Florida was one the first states to allow so called criminals to be busted on illegal searches. They were also among the first to allow people to be convicted of murders, without the smoking gun or the bloody knife covered in their finger prints. They allowed the cops to bust innocent people because there was an 80 percent chance, They committed the crimes the dirty cops were accusing them of.

I would further dare to disagree with you and say that it was not the Patriot Act that started the death null of the 4th amendment. It was States like Florida and the people in them, who allowed our rights to be thrown away. All in the name of justice.
It started when preachers in churches started to say. “If your not guilty of any crimes then you have nothing to fear.”
It started long ago in states where cops were allowed to bust people on sexual crimes. Because the peeping tom cops saw the supposed heinous sexual acts through a window. Simply because 2 consenting adults were having the kind of sex that the states and their churches did not a prove of.
This started decades ago. But The Patriot Act was one of the final nails in the coffin made and built with the hands of people who stood by. Because they believed there was nothing we could do.

Obama’s election did prove that many people are tired of standing by as our rights and independence are dying. It did help to prove a growing number of our rights are dying. But it is not because a majority of Americans don’t care. It is because of the rich people who decide the inflated high prices. Making it so That only those who can afford TVs, Computers and the internet should have them.
It is because they know people who make a lot of money are the easiest to control through the fear of losing that big paycheck.

But now because prices are dropping through the desperation to sell. Now many of these Americans who once could not afford these things are now finding out the truth. Because of people like you Mr Livingston.
A majority of those people I dare say are pissed and are sick of seeing America die. This is further proven by the fact that people like Al Green and Al Franken are becoming senators. It is further proven by the progressive movement made up of people like them and me an even you. Who are slowly but surely fighting for our freedoms to be reborn.

But the biggest reason why the 4th died was in fact because of we allow professional liars and bullies to write our laws. We allowed people whose main purpose in life is to do anything to keep their billfolds stuffed with cashto run this nation.
This death of our freedoms and our country was started long ago when we fell for the lie that we need politicians to run our country for us.
It is our fault and the fault of many generations that this happened. Because we allowed scoundrels to run our country.

If we want America to go back to the way it was. Then we need to kick these overpaid liars out of office and then start over. And only letting the people as a true majority decide the fate of our nation. But this will be hard to do because according to the Patriot act that would make us terrorist.

The Mosque

My friends down here who think they know what New Yorker’s want. They think what fox news tells them to think without realizing all those people who Fox Interviews most of the time are just paid actors and sometimes they are real people.   But they are from a minority of people.  Most are from Jersey LOL.

Most New Yorker’s I know don’t give a damn about the Mosque being built. as long as the members act respectively.

After all New York was one the first cities to allow a Buddhist monastery to be built.

Just as they welcome all people from around the world with welcome arms.

Like most people these people who are down here in the south tend to think all of New York is full of violent con artist and that people get mugged every 5 seconds.

Something I once believed because I too was kowtowed by the media.

But to really know New York you have to walk its streets and drink beer with the locals, You need to celebrate a holiday with them.

New Yorker’s are some the most warm and understanding people I have ever met.

The only people who do not want the mosque built are religious bigots who love to force their views down our throats while at same time are fighting against the freedom of speech for everyone but them.

The real issue is not about the Mosque. The real issue is hatred and the excuse to be a bigot. These people hate everyone who does not worship God the way they want everyone too.

When i was much younger I saw the uglier side of these people. They told me and everyone who spoke to me that I was part of a cult.

These very same people spread false fictions about how we all were throwing orgies at our meetings and that we ran around naked.

As much as I love the thought of sex and women running around nude, none of these things were true. My church at the time was very strict about sexual relations and would not tolerate it among us unmarried singles.

One of my best friends in the church was booted out because he had sex with one of our members.

The fact is we were simply a group of people who believed in the right to question what the churches were telling us and our goal was to teach others how they could research the bible on their own.

We called our group the Way Ministry or the Way Ministry of Biblical research.  We were also called devil worshipers by these people.  All because we believed differently then them. 

The point is people need an excuse to hate. And hatred and anger only spread the fear and hatred and often leads to war.

They are so blinded by their hatred that they often cannot accept the truth.

This is what is happening again in this country. Except now instead of cults they are going after the Muslims and the Islamic nation.

These are the very same kind of people who were hanging innocent women in Salem and were calling them witches.

These same people called American Indians devils, so they could take their lands. 

Then they were hanging Protestants and selling their skins to the catholics churches so they could use the skins to print their bibles on.

These are the same kind of people who burn crosses in a black couples yard as little as 75 years ago.

This kind of hatred needs to stop. This country was based and built by people who were suffering from religious persecution from King George and his cronies. The Puritans came over afterwards to also get away from churches who were out to kill them.   All because they chose to believe in God differently. 

The founders of America believed strongly that every man woman and child should have the right to worship God or the Gods they choose.

They believed strongly that no King or Church or Government should have the right to tell us how to worship our God.

When ever someone speaks against this Mosque they are speaking against what Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and all of our Founding fathers fought for.

They fighting against our right as American citizens to have the freedom of the religion of our choice.

They are fighting for the right to tell us how to worship God.   They are not fighting for your rights, they are only fighting for their beliefs.  These are the kinda people who would have loved King George and would have been standing on the side line cheering as the young girls burned and the Indians were slaughtered. 

Do you really want to live in a America that is like this?  or are you as sick of this kind of hatred as I am? 

It is no wonder that many nations now compare us to Hitlers Germany and the Nazi party.

As true American we need as one people to start standing up for everyone’s right to worship God as he or she chooses.



      I am writing this more because of feelings of hurt than anything else. I am hurt because I am deeply bothered by the trends see occurring in America these days.  I am bothered by what I see my lady friends doing. 


     Maybe it has always been like this.  Maybe I just did not see how ugly things really are. When it comes to relations between men and women.  Maybe I was wearing blinders. 
     I honestly don’t know.  I just know I am bothered by it all. I am bothered by the fact that women down here in the deep South and maybe the whole world.   Think that being called beautiful or a guy who tries to say nice things to help them feel better about themselves is kinda creepy. 
     Yeah you heard right a woman I once admired said all my compliments even though in the same paragraph said she knew I was only being nice, was making her feel I was  a bit creepy. 

     It really and truly bothers me that women down here are so mistreated that they think men who are truly nice and treat them nice and say nice things like your amazingly Beautiful,  are creepy.   Or in her words make them feel uncomfortable.     

     There is something seriously wrong with a country where woman cannot even take a compliment that is said to build them up and turn it into something it is not. To me the true creepiness is the fact that they are so insecure and full of self hate that they can’t see how silly it is to see creepiness in words that are put out there just to build them up. 

    As I went to the mens room where I work tonight.   I over heard a conversation between two men, and this guy was saying  this to this other guy. “Well I got one bitch who wants me to go to HardRock with her and then a few other bitches also want me to go with them.”  These words he was spouting stress the very problem with how many men seem to view women here in the south. The truly sad thing is that The women seem to believe it.

     I have spoken to many many women who refereed to themselves proudly as bitches, Bitches!.  There is some seriously wrong with a country where women think so low of themselves that they proudly call themselves female dogs. 
     What makes it even sadder is it seems to me that down here a majority of women prefer being with assholes who think of women as bitches. 

     They are more attracted to men who cannot say the words they need to hear. Instead they prefer men who will sleep with any woman who will give them the time of day. Instead they prefer men who cause them to stress out and worry every day about if they are loved,  They fret over men who cannot utter the words of love, that these women need to hear.   They seem to prefer men who mistreat them more then they say the words I love you.

That is just pure Idiocy. 

     Maybe I am the idiot because I want a woman who wants a real lover who makes her honestly happy and wants a man who treats he good as he can,  as much as he can. 

True love works like that. 

     When you truly love someone you work as hard as you can to keep them happy. True love does not tie you down. It is not a ball and chain.  It is not as some men and even women lead you to believe,” A Burden.” 

Instead it lifts you up and frees you. It raises you to new heights that being alone simply cannot do.  It takes you places that you cannot go when your alone.  

     It is a straight out lie told to the masses that they can do just fine by themselves.  But the reality is no we cannot.  Do you make your own clothing? No you don’t, you go to the store for that. A store populated by people who stock those cloths for you and brought them to the store for you.  Someone rang up the item on a register for you, because you needed them too.  Unless of course you in a store where you have a self check out line.  But even then someone has to keep that register running.  Someone has to fix it when it breaks.  

    Do you hunt your own meat? Grow your vegetables?  No not all of us do.  Instead we go to the store where some butcher cut that meat and put it on display and some person in produce stocked the vegetables that we want.  We needed someone to do that for us.   So that all we have to do is cook it and eat it. 

    We need the other people around us to help  run this world, and the real reality is we cant do it alone. The same is true about love we need it. 

     We are programmed by whatever created us to need love.  We all need family and if do not have family then how could we get by without our friends.  Who listen to our woes and are there when we need them.   

     Studies have proven time and time again people who have someone who loves them and depends on them in their life’s.   Live far longer lives, then people who live alone. 

     Even it is pet cat or Dog their love lifts us up and sustains us. It gives us a reason come home.  My cats give me a reason to stay home and to keep my job. They give me reasons to live. As do my dearest friends and my family.  They give me a reason to not give up.  That is how love works.  It is truly the energy that gives us life and holds the universe together. 

    To think Loneliness is OK is pure Idiocy. All Us sweet guys  want is a woman who can accept the real us.   A woman who loves us for who we are. Not some stupid idea of a man who is not always there and rarely says I Love you. 

     It is equally idiotic for women to go for a standard that ultimately causes more heartache then happiness.  

     Yet time and time again I see women go for the guys who mistreat them. Why? Because they think if they love them long enough and hard enough then they will become the men they want them to be.         

     They want a guy who is not boring and will make them work hard for the love they feel they do not deserve. 

     Well ladies I have some bad news for you, If their fathers and friends taught them that this is how real men act, then by God your love will not change them.

     Stop reaching for the ring that is out of reach and go after the one that is right in front of you, just inches from you easily grabbing it. Go for the sweet nice guys.  Because in the end you will find only true happiness.  More importantly you will find contentment. 

 And yes you do deserve it.  We all do.

    I am not saying all of us sweet guys are real catches.   A Lot of us are rough around the edges and we need just the right women or person to help us smooth those edges. 

     But the chances of your heart being smashed and torn asunder is far less with us, then with the assholes society says you need.   Us sweet guys will fight harder to keep you and we will do the changing if you just give us the chance we need.  

    Quit being idiots and go for the guy who is your best friend, Go for the nice sweet guys. Stop the idiocy and go for the sweet us guys.  You will be much happier in the end and you will help make the world a much more peaceful place. 






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